Tony Nevoso, Christian songwriter


Exclusive interview with Tony Nevoso

“He composes songs with the intent to get to the other, but especially to get to himself as an inner journey that continues today. In 1999 he graduated at Hope Music School, the school for songwriters proposed by CEI. In 1999 the Ariston stage of San Remo participates in the “Jubilmusic”, international exhibition of Christian music. in 2000 he was interpreter of the known song “Emmanuel” anthem of the World Youth Day in Tor Vergata by opening the meeting in the presence of the Holy Father John Paul II. as well as throughout Italy has also performed in Canada, Spain and Poland. in 2005 in Sulmona (AQ) receives the Silver SIAE plaque as the best songwriter in the prize “Augusto Daolio.” in 2007 he received the critics’ prize and 3rd place at Jammin Festival. in 2011 he released his new cD Kilometers of life. ”





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